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We Will Do Our Very Best To Achive And Carry Out Our Mission For You.

As a multiservice company , we have multiple responsibilities, which may vary depending on the contract. There are many roles a contractor can assume during different stages of a project.Every project has a master schedule that describes all activities, along with their time distribution and planned budget. A late completion can only be justified if the project was delayed by external factors beyond the contractor’s control.

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Roles & Duties
Our Skilled workers are an asset of our company as they play a large role in developing a business’s reputation and ongoing success. We are lucky enough to have a strong team who believe in our business and take pride in their work, it’s worth doing everything we can to retain them so that our business will continue to thrive within a challenging and rapidly changing economy.

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Professional & Skilled
We are one of the most-esteemed buildings construction and multiservice company. We have earned this respect through the quality and long-lasting structures that we have developed over the years. One of the secrets behind our success is our ability to understand our client’s need. Customer satisfaction is our first priority and we therefore strive to ensure that all our client’s specifications are achieved. We have an effective project management which ensures that all the substructures and projects follow the specified timeline and hence all our projects are completed in time.
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About us

EDC Contractor is a brunei based multiservice company. We are specializing in CCTV Security system, general contracting, construction management, design-build, self-performing walls & ceilings services, Fitting & Repair, House & Commercial Building Maintanence ect. Almost we provide more than 29 services.

Our mission

Our mission is to Make It True®.  Whether that’s making the visions of architects come true…building true relationships with subcontractors…staying true to our word with owners and developers…or making our company a truly great career path for employees… our Make It True® mission is what creates the unmistakable trust, loyalty, and teamwork that sets us apart.

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